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Dental Implant Center

Dental Implants have been traced back to the 600 AD when tooth-like pieces of shell were hammered into the jaw of Mayan woman.

Today’s implants are much less painful and more attractive. It is the only dental restoration of missing teeth that help to stimulate bone growth; it discourages bone resorption and recession.

Getting dental implants relieves the worry about tooth decay as an implant is made of materials that cannot decay nor stain.

It is a permanent restoration that will be stronger and immobile as dentures, partials and space maintainers are.




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What you should know before getting dental implants?

Dental implant surgery is a form of cosmetic dentistry that is applied in the replacement of missing teeth. In most cases, dental implants are recommended for tooth replacement since they offer a permanent tooth replacing solution.

With recent advancements in dentistry, you can get dental implants fixed in just a single day as opposed to the usual treatment which can take at least six months to heal fully.

Also, there are dental implants that are designed to replace a whole set of teeth. These implants are very convenient since you won’t have to pay for a single tooth implant repeatedly. Instead, you get a full set of teeth which are strong and function just like healthy teeth.

For the best dental implant surgery, you can visit the Dental Implant Center. They offer brilliant dental implant surgery with a large variety of options.

Can anyone get dental implants?

Before visiting the dentist for dental implant surgery, you should go for a consultation session to determine whether you are liable for the dental procedure.

Children are usually discouraged from getting dental implants since the implants can affect their teeth as they grow. The pediatric dentist can find alternative methods of tooth replacement in such a case.

People with infected or weak gums are also not the best candidates for getting a Los Angeles dental implant. This is because the implant needs to be supported by a healthy and robust gum. The most common reason that invalidates people from getting dental implant surgery is having insufficient or weak jawbone.

A strong jaw bone is critical in supporting dental implants. However, a dentist can perform a bone graft to make the jawbone strong enough to support the dental implant.

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