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Getting the Right Type of Implants Expertly Placed Is Very Important

Wilshire Smile Studio is widely recognized by dentists and patients in Southern California as a premier multi-specialty practice, including having an oral surgeon and a periodontist, and one of our areas of true expertise is dental implants.

But if you believe the ads that pop up when you search, virtually every general dentist is an implant “expert.” Unfortunately, taking a class on replacing missing teeth is not the same as having decades of collective experience and expertise with the result that many of these implants fail. Some practices will try to attract desperate patients by cutting their prices and using inferior types of implants to maintain their profit.

We put the long-term success of all patients for all procedures before all other considerations. We are very familiar with all the popular brands of dental implants and know from studies and the experiences of other top dental practices which ones actually work best for the long-term.

Your Dental Health Matters to Your Overall Health

We do not compromise: the health of your mouth is critically important to your overall health, since periodontal bacteria from out-of-control gum disease or failed procedures raise your risk of everything from diabetes to cardiovascular disease.

Missing Teeth Should Not be Ignored

Teeth that are missing, whether due to accidents or poor dental hygiene, need to be replaced as soon as possible because otherwise the mouth begins to try to “close the gaps” by having neighboring teeth learn in. They also gradually become loose and by the time Americans are 75 or older, a quarter have no teeth left at all. While dentures can certainly improve chewing and speaking if well-designed, they do not stop the erosion of the jawbone that occurs when there are no teeth anchored into it, which is why dentures have to be adjusted about every five years.

Dental Implants are a Complete Process

Dental implants can be a permanent solution, with proper care. But the process is complex, often requiring a loose tooth to first be surgically extracted, letting the socket heal for a few months, then placing a biocompatible screw into the jaw, with which it integrates, stopping jaw erosion. Once this is complete, then a crown made of dental porcelain is attached on top, replacing the visible part of the tooth, which is shaded to exactly match the neighboring teeth.

Our dental implants will give you something to smile about.

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