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Wisdom tooth extraction treatment procedures

Wisdom tooth extraction Los Angeles has become a widespread dental procedure in the recent months. Wisdom teeth, which grow later on in adult life, are not always conveniently placed for chewing or biting. Due to their large size, they are unable to fit evenly against the gum structure. This makes them cause discomfort during chewing and biting. Wisdom teeth extraction is not a complicated process and can be performed by average dentists. However, in some cases like impacted teeth, a surgical extraction may be recommended necessitating the expertise of an oral surgeon. If you intend on going for a tooth extraction, you can consult implant center Los Angeles to know which kind of dental extraction will be necessary for your case.

The treatment purpose of wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction Los Angeles is usually done for treatment purposes more often than cosmetic purposes. This indicates that wisdom teeth are not always as beneficial as they ought to be.

Fixing crowded teeth

One of the significant benefits of this procedure is that it rids you of crowded teeth. Wisdom teeth may cause other teeth to be squeezed and pressed making them shift from their regular position. This usually causes crowding of teeth which affects the individual’s appearance. Crowded teeth can also cause problems when chewing and biting food since the teeth may be uneven. Wisdom tooth extraction Los Angeles is one of the most common ways of removing crowded teeth from the dental structure.

Fixing impacted teeth

Impacted teeth are wisdom teeth that have only been partially exposed to the surface of the mouth. This means that the tooth has not fully emerged from the underlying base. In such a case, this tooth is not usually functional since chewing can cause pain or discomfort to the dental patient. Wisdom tooth extraction is aimed at relieving the patient of impacted teeth and allowing for normal chewing and biting. You can take a trip to implant center Los Angeles to get the best tooth extraction services in the city.

Resolving wisdom tooth decay

Tooth decay that appears on the wisdom tooth can be very difficult to treat. First of all, it may be costly as compared to other teeth due to the position of the tooth. If the decay has spread to the whole tooth, it may be better to remove the tooth than to treat it. This type of tooth decay is normally very sensitive since it can spread easily to other teeth. Wisdom tooth extraction is usually recommended for such incidences. Similarly, the root canal for wisdom teeth can be substituted with tooth extraction due to the ease of treatment.

Painful gums around the wisdom tooth

As the wisdom tooth grows, it causes strain among the surrounding tissues. This strain leads to painful gums and/or swelling of the gums in the region. Such a condition requires dental attention as soon as possible to prevent further discomfort. Since the wisdom tooth may grow to be impacted, it is always best to address this condition as soon as possible.

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