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Why you need tooth implants for tooth replacement?

Tooth implants are one of the most common tooth replacement procedures in the city. Missing teeth can now be easily replaced by permanent artificial teeth that are designed to look and feel like normal teeth.

You no longer have to worry about missing teeth that affect your general appearance. With tooth implants, no one can notice that you have artificial teeth. Not all dentists can perform dental implant surgery which is why you should be keen on the type of dentist you visit for tooth implants. Most of the time, tooth implant surgery is performed by oral surgeons or periodontists. You can rely on implant center Los Angeles for the best tooth implant services in the city.

Benefits of tooth implants

As compared to natural teeth, tooth implant Los Angeles has a lot of advantages that make it the preferred choice for tooth replacement. One of the major advantages of tooth implants over natural teeth is that they are designed with a titanium root.

This root provides support for the artificial tooth and is much stronger than an ordinary root. Dental implants do not get cavities as well. Since they are made by porcelain or composite material, these dental implants are not eroded by food particles and toxic substances like the natural tooth enamel. Tooth implants are designed to be resilient to staining and breaking making them more durable than normal teeth. Unlike other tooth replacement options, tooth implants provide a permanent solution for the wearer and are comfortable to wear.

Can anyone get tooth implants

Tooth implants are a preferred form of tooth replacement for many. However, some people may be unfit for tooth implants thus requiring other forms of tooth replacement. Children, for instance, cannot get tooth implants due to their under grown gum and jaw bone. Since the tooth implant procedure requires for the gum to be drilled into, children who still have growing teeth cannot be effectively treated with this method since it will interfere with normal teeth growth.

People with weak gums or infected gums are also not fit to get tooth implants. A weak or infected gum cannot fully support the tooth implant thus necessitating other treatment methods. You can consult implant center Los Angeles concerning the best method for tooth replacement depending on the condition of your oral health.

Preserving tooth implants

Although tooth implants are resistant to staining and cavities, it is important for the wearer to maintain good oral health. This is necessary because the tooth implant requires a strong and healthy gum to be firmly fixed into the jawbone. Tooth implants can be chipped or broken if they are used to bite down on hard objects. Despite their sturdiness and long-lasting attribute, tooth implants can be damaged if they are not attended to with the necessary care and maintenance.

Consequently, since tooth implants are permanent, repairing them can be quite costly and difficult. In the event of painful gums or teeth after a tooth implant surgery,  you should contact your dentist as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

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