Who is viable for a dental implant?

Tooth replacement has become very popular among dentistry patients across the city. Since tooth replacement applies for both cosmetic and dental treatment, it offers a tremendous opportunity for individuals interested in filling gaps left by missing teeth. Out of the various tooth replacement methods available, a dental implant is one of the most common. Despite the significant expenses associated with this type of dental treatment, most patients agree that its benefits surpass its valued price. Today, you will find a large number of dental patients asking for a dental implant in Los Angeles. For the best dental implant services in the city, you can rely on Dental implants Los Angeles. They offer a wide variety of dental implants including all-on-4 implants which are a contemporary form of teeth replacement.

Are you viable for a dental implant?

Dental implants are very convenient for tooth replacement. However, not everyone who wants to get tooth implants can get them fixed. The oral surgeon or dentist in charge of the operation will have to assess first whether you are feasible for the procedure or alternative methods of tooth replacement are more suitable. Here are some of the circumstances that may negate you from getting a dental implant surgery.

Weak jaw bone

People with a weak jaw bone may be unable to get a dental implant fixed. The dentist usually assesses the integrity of the jaw bone using special dental equipment and diagnoses whether the structure is strong enough to support the dental implant. If the dentist finds that the jaw bone is weak, they may recommend other forms of teeth replacement. Alternatively, the dentist may consider performing a bone graft to reinforce jaw bone with another piece of bone to sustain the dental implant. This will require for the dentist to perform another procedure either on the face or any other part of the body to remove a small piece of bone and attach it on the necessary part of the jaw. This procedure may increase the healing time of the individual but is useful in supporting the implant.

Children and young adolescents

As you consider getting a dental implant in Los Angeles for your son or daughter, you should know that children and adolescents with growing teeth are not entirely viable for dental implants unless in exceptional circumstances. If the child still has growing teeth, it may affect placing of the dental implant thus making it impossible for the surgical procedure to be done. Alternatively, you can consult Dental implants Los Angeles to know whether you can get dental implants for your adolescent child.

Healthy gums and teeth

Dental implants require healthy gums to be well fitted onto the jaw bone. Unhealthy or infected gums can cause the dental implant to be weak thus making it shift or dislodge. This will make the dental implant become ineffective and maybe even painful to the wearer. Before seeking a dental implant in Los Angeles, it is essential to ensure that you maintain good oral hygiene.