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Tooth implant Los Angeles

Is it is the first time you are visiting a tooth implant Los Angeles center, you might not know what to expect. Of course you should ask the dentist any questions you deem important, and he/ she will give you a briefing of the procedure.

Basically, an implant is used to replace a damaged tooth or fill gaps from missing teeth. Do not be fooled by those “Same Day Implants” commercials because the process takes several months and subsequent visits to the dentist. Let’s go over the basics of tooth implants.

How many dentist visits will it take?

There are only a handful of dentist visits and most of the time is allocated for healing. The first visit is when the dentist takes imaging scans of the tooth and bone structure.

On the same visit, the dentist can start preparing the jawbone for surgery, including tooth extraction and grafting. Bone grafting is done if the bone is too soft or not thick enough.

The graft can be sourced from other body parts, but nowadays you can get a commercially ready graft. With grafting, this will take two sessions, the second one after 3-4 months of healing.

On the second session, the artificial root is placed into the jawbone and left to heal. A gap will be left, and a temporary denture is placed to fill the space as the bone continues healing.

Depending on the strength of the jawbone, an abutment can be added in the same session as the artificial root. The abutment is the piece that is used to connect the artificial root with the crown.

It can be added at a third session after the root heals and fuses with the jawbone if the bone wasn’t strong enough during the root implant session. In this case, the dentist makes a cut on the gums to expose the root and fixes the abutment.

The abutment protrudes above the gum line and will remain like this until a prosthetic tooth is added. To this point, there have been four or five visits.

Prosthesis and final stages

Depending on the efficiency of the tooth implant Los Angeles dentist, the abutment stage can coincide with the first stage of getting a prosthetic tooth. Here, the dentist takes an impression of your teeth to design an artificial crown.

After two weeks, the crown is ready, and the dentist screws it on during the sixth visit. The two weeks period also allow your gums to heal after the abutment procedure.

Fixed and removable implants

For fixed implants, the artificial tooth is either screwed or cemented onto the abutment. It cannot be removed for cleaning. One can opt for several fixed implants each with its own root.

However, because the root and abutment are very strong, a number of implants can be supported by one abutment and a dental bridge to hold them into place.

A removable implant looks like dentures and features a pink bottom to resemble gums. It snaps firmly into place using a metal frame mounted on the abutment for support. It can be removed for cleaning before sleeping.

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