Tooth extraction Los Angeles

Wisdom Teeth Vertical Impaction

Tooth extraction services are ubiquitous throughout the city. This is mostly because tooth extraction is performed by average dentists as well as specialized ones. In some cases, surgical tooth extraction may be recommended requiring an oral surgeon to successfully extract the tooth. Implant center Los Angeles has a range of specialized dentists who can provide dental services for your tooth extraction needs. Tooth extraction usually is recommended if the tooth being treated is damaged beyond repair. In such a case, it is always easier to remove the tooth than to treat it. There are many incidences where an oral surgeon can recommend tooth extraction, Los Angeles. Similarly, tooth extraction usually depends on the tooth being removed.

Different types of tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is done in two different ways. It can either be simple extraction or surgical extraction. In a simple extraction, the dentist or oral surgeon first induces the patient with local anesthesia. This reduces pain and discomfort during the procedure. He then uses dental equipment to loosen the tooth and picks it out with a forceps. Simple extraction does not require special attention and can be done by any regular dentist. Surgical extraction, on the other hand, is usually recommended for teeth that are not entirely visible. This necessitates surgical procedures to accurately remove the tooth from the gum. The oral medical doctor may have to cut through gum and bone to be able to remove the tooth successfully. Implant center Los Angeles offers both types of tooth extraction for both adults and children.

When is tooth extraction necessary?

Tooth extraction can be recommended to treat excessively decayed teeth. If the decay has reached the roots and the dentist doesn’t find a better solution for the condition, tooth extraction is best suited for such a condition. Tooth extraction can also be requested for persons with impacted teeth. Impacted teeth are wisdom teeth that grow halfway out of the gum and become only partially exposed. Since these teeth commonly cause pain and discomfort during chewing, they may need to be removed altogether. Removing impacted teeth requires surgical extraction which is usually done by an oral surgeon. Wisdom teeth are also commonly subject to tooth extraction Los Angeles. Wisdom teeth that grow too large and press on adjacent teeth can cause talking or chewing deficits. It can also lead to crowding of the teeth. Tooth extraction is the best form of treatment for such dental cases.

What to expect after tooth extraction

Tooth extraction Los Angeles should be left to heal before one can continue with day to day activities. When the blood clot forms on top of the site of extraction, the patient should be careful not to remove the clot by vigorous brushing or to chew since it may cause bleeding of the wound. Good oral hygiene should be maintained to avoid harmful bacteria from accessing the bloodstream through the site of extraction. Discomfort can be experienced for the first day, but the dentist can recommend painkillers to reduce the uneasiness felt by the patient. Smoking and drinking are not recommended since it may be detrimental to the healing process.