Services offered by oral surgeons

Macro close up of young girl receiving anesthesia with medical syringe.Dentist injecting needle in open mouth.

Oral surgeons are highly specialized dentists who perform both treatment and dental cosmetic services. Unlike regular dentists, oral surgeons are usually skilled and trained in surgical procedures that are applied in dental treatment, facial reconstruction and disease prevention. In the United States, oral surgeons are expected to take another 4 years of learning in a dental facility after completing the necessary 4 years of dentist accreditation. About this, oral surgeons Los Angeles perform various specialized dental procedures necessary for treatment. You can rely on implant center Los Angeles for some of the best oral surgery in the city.

 Usual services in oral surgery

Oral surgery incorporates various procedures and dental treatments. Depending on your dental condition, you should know whether or not you need an oral surgeon in Los Angeles. Here are some of the most performed dental services in oral surgery.

Fitting dental implants

Dental implants usually require a high level of surgical skill to successfully fix onto the jawbone.

Usually, this procedure can be done by either a periodontist or by an oral surgeon. Dental implants are artificial teeth that are held firmly into the jaw by a titanium root. They are one of the most preferred dental treatments for tooth replacement. During treatment, the oral surgeon drills a hole into the jaw bone through the gum where the tooth will be placed. He then inserts a titanium root and leaves the wound to heal.

Healing can take up to six weeks after which the oral surgeon places a crown over the dental root to act as the tooth.

Tooth extraction

Any regular dentist usually performs tooth extraction in most cases. However, some incidences may require surgical expertise to extract teeth. Surgical extraction is usually recommended when the tooth cannot be fully seen from the surface of the gum.

Here, the oral surgeon will have to cut through the gum to access the tooth. If necessary, he may have to cut the jaw bone slightly for the tooth to be safely extracted. Oral surgeons usually extract such impacted teeth as opposed to regular dentists.

Bone Graft

A bone graft is a surgical process that necessitates removing a piece of bone within the mouth and using it on another part of the mouth. This procedure is usually standard in dental implant surgery. For people whose jaw bone is weak and unsupportive, the oral surgeon performs a bone graft. A piece of bone can be removed from another part of the body and surgically attached to the jawbone for it to be active for the implant root.

Correcting crossbite

Oral surgeons Los Angeles deals typically with maxillofacial treatment meaning they focus on the teeth, mouth tissues, face, and neck tissues. Crossbite is a condition caused by irregularly aligned teeth making the teeth not to bite evenly. Oral surgeons can correct this condition by readjusting the teeth on both jaws through surgical treatment. For the best oral surgeons in the city, you can visit the implant center, Los Angeles.