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Dental implants all on 4

All on 4 in Los Angeles

People who are moving away from dentures but are intimidated by the high cost of traditional implants are more likely to benefit from All on 4 in Los Angeles.

This strategy was developed by Nobel Biocare and Paulo Malo and addresses replacement of the lower or upper arch of teeth. Previously, to replace a full arch of teeth, one needed 6 to 8 implants which are very costly and take a long time to heal.

All on 4 strategically places four implants to support all teeth on the arch which is cheaper and less intrusive to the jawbone. Dentures can slip out when eating, laughing, coughing or sneezing and can be a nuisance, which has driven down their popularity.

How does it work?

The idea is to reduce the number of implants used to support a full arch of artificial teeth. With the implants positioned in a vertical position, more implants are needed.

For the all on 4, only four implants are required to support the whole arch of artificial teeth, be it the upper or lower jaw, which are 12 to 14 teeth. This is achieved by positioning the implants in a specific manner.

Two implants are placed at the front of the arch where the incisors are located. The other two are placed beside the ones at the front but are tilted at a 45 angle away from the front. With this position, the four implants can effectively support a full arch.

Cost of all on 4 implants

Simple arithmetic will prove that six or eight implants cost more than four. If you go for the traditional approach and get 6 to 8 implants for the full arch, the cost will range from $7000 to $40000.

Not to mention the extended period it will take to heal and the extra pain endured when healing. In the US, for either a lower or upper arch, the cost is between $7000 and $24000 for All on 4 in Los Angeles.

This makes it a viable long term investment for artificial teeth. Prices for both procedures vary according to the specific details such as bone grafting, quality of implants and dentist office fees.

Benefits over dentures and traditional implants

Although dentures are cheaper, they have some downsides. They cannot stay in one position making them uncomfortable unlike implants which are drilled into the jawbone for extra support.

Another pitfall is that instead of stimulating bone growth, they lead to bone loss. Missing teeth account for a higher rate of bone tissue loss when the jawbone is not involved in supporting teeth.

A weaker bone means grafting needs to be done driving up the cost of the surgery. Implants stimulate bone growth especially during osseointegration where the bone fuses with the surface of the artificial root.

Dentures will also limit you from enjoying some foods. All on four implants are better than traditional implants not only for the cost benefit but they are also less intrusive. The healing period is shorter and less painful for all in four since fewer implants are drilled into the bone.

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