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The high success rate of tooth implants has increased the confidence many people have in replacing their lost teeth using this method. This can be attributed to advancement in technology in the equipment used by dentists. Before you visit an implant center Los Angeles; the following information about the tooth implant process can help you prepare for the procedure.

Initial Examination

The first thing to do will be to visit a specialist or a qualified dentist for the initial examination. Among the things to be considered will be your medical history, current health status and taking X-rays. The idea is to determine whether you are fit for the procedure, and scanning will reveal whether you have enough bone tissue for supporting the implants. Dentists at Dental Implant Center will also locate sinuses and nerves which will be avoided during the procedure.

In the instance there is no adequate bone to support the implant, the dentist will look at the available options for the restoration of the bone. The first would be to do bone grafting. This would involve adding bone to the jaw bone. The bone will be taken from either a secondary source or from your chin, mouth or hip. Another option is the bone distraction.

The bone is pulled apart using screws and pins to encourage its growth. Also, your dentist could use a synthetic material such as calcium phosphate or hydroxyapatite. It might take more than four months for the jaw bone to be ready if you will require any of these procedures.

Dental Implant Process

There are majorly two techniques used in the implant and crown process, and they come with different timelines for healing. The first one is the traditional method. For the procedure to be complete, it will take six months if the implants are placed in the upper jaw and five if placed in the lower jaw. However, if bone grafting has to be done first, then the procedure can take up to a year.

Another technique used in implant center Los Angeles involves placing everything from the implant to the crown on the same day. It will only take one visit to the dentist to have everything in place.

Traditional Method

The traditional method is commonly used. It involved two stages which may have an interval of three to six months depending on the healing. The first phase is the placement of the implant. A hole is drilled in the jaw and the implant installed. The hole is then stitched and allowed time to heal. During this time, the bone will fuse with the implant to form a strong foundation for the crown.

In the second stage, a small part of the implant will be exposed onto which a healing cap will be screwed. The aim is to protect the surrounding gum tissue and aid the healing process. The cap is then removed a few weeks later and the abutments screwed into the implant upon which the crown will be placed.

One-day Method

The one-day procedure is sometimes used for tooth implants depending on the condition of your gums among other factors. Your dentist will advise on the best approach to use.

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