Mouth Restoration Can Benefit Your Smile

Dental Implants to Restore Your Smile

People with missing teeth who want a mouth restoration can benefit from a dental implant center Los Angeles. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry released some statistics that 30 million Americans have all of their teeth missing in one or both jaws. In the past, dentures were the only option for replacing missing teeth.

It didn’t take long for its obvious downsides to manifest such as easily slipping when talking and eating, making people with dentures hyper-conscious in social settings. Let’s explore the benefits and downsides of dentures and implants to see which can work for you.

Dentures; pros and cons

Pros of dentures

Despite the bad rep dentures have been receiving, they are still a viable way of replacing teeth. The biggest benefit is affordability because dentures cost significantly less than implants.

Since they are cheaper, many people start out with dentures to get a feel and try them out. Dentures are also recommended if you have recently removed your teeth to allow healing time.

They are also used to protect implants during the healing stages. Dentures can also look perfect depending on the location of the missing teeth, e.g., front teeth dentures look great. The procedure is also non-invasive with no surgery required and negates healing time meaning it’s a fast solution.

Cons of dentures

Dentures don’t look exactly like natural teeth and can be easily spotted. Another big disadvantage is that dentures have to be regularly removed for cleaning, which can be cumbersome and messy.

You also have to remove them when sleeping. Dentures can slip making eating and speaking a chore; especially considering that hard or sticky foods (corn on the cob, caramel, etc.) can’t be eaten with dentures.

Partial dentures can weaken adjacent teeth over time and food trapped by the denture can cause gum disease. Dentures also lack durability and have to be replaced every 3 to 6 years.

Tooth implants

Advantages of implants

Visit a dental implant center Los Angeles if you want implants that look feel and work like natural teeth. The implant acts like a root to support the prosthetic crown and is so strong that one implant can support multiple crowns.

Implants need minimal care, and regular brushing and flossing will suffice. Also, unlike dentures, implants do not hinder speech or eating, and you can eat any kind of sticky, crunchy and hard foods.

Implants do not interfere with healthy adjacent teeth and prevent further deterioration. Finally, dental implants are far more durable and can last for decades if well maintained.

Disadvantages of implants

Dental implants do not lack their downsides even though the benefits are remarkable. First, dentures are expensive, and most insurance companies won’t help you to foot the bill.

Although the cost is high, it becomes cheaper than dentures over the long term because of dentures’ expensive cleaning solutions, creams and adhesives and the cost of replacing dentures.

The implant process is lengthy, and you can spend anywhere between 3 months and a whole year to get implants. Another disadvantage is that the process is intrusive and multiple surgeries are required which increase the chances of getting an infection.

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