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Dental Implants Los Angeles

The talk of the town is dental implants Los Angeles specialists, where to find them, how much they charge, how good they are and so forth. Two of the biggest questions are usually how the process works and how long it takes.

As for the time taken, it varies between every individual and a consultation with a dentist is paramount to plan your schedule. It is a process that happens in three phases and typically takes 5 to 8 months.

Here are the phases that a patient undergoes during dental implanting and what one needs to do for best results.

First Phase

In the first phase, the dentist will take a CT scan of your mouth to observe the dentition and the bone structure in order to evaluate the situation.

After the scan, tooth extraction can take place if it is a damaged tooth that needs replacement. If there is no need for bone grafting, you can move on two-phase two.

Bone grafting is necessary when the tooth has been missing for a long time. Typically, the bone deteriorates at the double the normal rate of bone loss within the first year of tooth loss. If grafting is done, phase two can last 3 to 6 months as the bone heals.

This is why it’s important to get implants early to reduce the cost and the time taken to get an implant.

Second phase of the implant procedure

The second phase in the implant procedure is that of fixing the artificial root into the bone. The artificial root is a small piece of titanium alloy metal; the same kind used in joint replacement.

A dental implants Los Angeles dentist will take about one or two hours to conduct the procedure. He/she can transition from phase one to phase two immediately if bone grafting isn’t required.

The implant is left to heal and fuse with the bone tissue surrounding it, a process which takes about three months.

Phase three – Adding an artificial tooth

Finally, the dentist will add a crown or artificial tooth once the healing process is complete. An abutment is used which is a connector for the crown and metal bit.

The dentist takes an impression of your teeth and uses this to create an artificial tooth of the desired shape, size, and color. An artificial tooth should fit in with the rest of the teeth hence the need for a custom design.

This will take two visits to the dentist with a fortnight in between for impression and adding the crown respectively.

Healing phase

Slight bleeding or oozing can be expected during the healing process. If this happens, use a gauze pad to apply pressure and reduce bleeding.

Pain is also common and the dentist will prescribe painkillers after every phase. If the bleeding or pain gets out of control, visit the dentist for medical assistance.

Apply an ice pack or frozen vegetables on the affected area to prevent swelling which happens two or three days after surgery. Avoid strenuous activities in the first days, eating or drinking hot items or vigorous brushing of teeth so as to improve the healing process.

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