Great Dental Implants with Zero Complications

Senior woman in the dental office.

Choosing a dental implant Los Angeles specialist is the best way to ensure you get the best service with zero complications. Most people who take the time to find a certified implant specialist or a periodontist have successful implant procedures without complications.

Remember that for a dentist to be qualified for placing implants, he/ she needs to undergo further education. Beware of choosing a “dentist who does implants” over a “dental implant specialist” since the former has no qualifications and is trying to wing it. Here are the guidelines and questions you should ask in order to select the best specialist.

Licensing and qualifications

First things first, the implant specialist should be a licensed dentist. You can check their names on the website of your area’s certification board, e.g. American Dental Association website.

Confirm that the dentist has not been sued for malpractice in the past. After checking for licensing, ask the dentist of postgraduate education that they have done. Ideally, they should have at least 300 hours of postdoctoral education like orthodontics, orthognathic (jaw) surgery, maxillofacial surgery or periodontics.

Ensure you also check their experience in implant procedures. A specialist who treats 100 cases every year and has a number of years’ experience is a good option.

Competency: how good is the dentist?

A dental implant Los Angeles specialist with many years of working experience can be a good pick because their track record is big enough to determine if they are competent. The specialist in question should have enough experience with treatments to replace a single tooth and multiple teeth using all techniques (all on 4, all on 6 and all on 8).

Apart from this, they also should have taken a competency test through a bona fide, independent and peer-evaluated process. Furthermore, the specialist should not only look at your teeth but the overall oral health.

A competent implant expert performs an overall examination, checks TMJ functions, screens for oral cancer and performs a bite evaluation that shows tooth wear, looseness patterns and bites function.

Customer service and flexibility

After narrowing down potential candidates, it is important to book appointments and gauge the overall customer service. Since your final choice can become a long-term engagement, make sure you are satisfied with hygiene and staff professionalism at the dentist office. You can also call the office and ask questions over the phone if consultation fees are too high.

Take advantage of free initial consultation offers to conduct your research. The office should be flexible with appointments so that you can schedule visits in your favor e.g. after work or weekends if they open.

Personal skill level and preparedness

An expert should be prepared for unexpected situations like when implants of different sizes are required. If they really handle 100 cases every year, there will be many additional implants in the office.

Dentists who have to buy new implants when this problem comes up are probably not experienced. Confirm that they use the latest technology (examples are CAT scans and digital X-rays) to diagnose and treat such conditions.

These machines should be close by to avoid being referred to other professionals and save time and money.

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