Dental Implants Can Help You Create the Perfect Smile

Smile and Implants

Dental Implants

Many people are devastated when they lose a tooth or teeth. It usually marks the end of the liberty to crew some types of food not to mention the destruction of the quality of smile.

The good thing is that all is not lost, and if you lost yours, then you need to know that there is a remedy for you. Dental implants are used for teeth replacement and with the proper execution of the procedure, you should have your smile and chewing capabilities fully restored.

What are dental implants

It will be an injustice to continue with this piece without making clear what tooth implants are. In simpler terms, the implants are an artificial replacement of the root part of a tooth.

They are cylindrically shaped and form the foundation on which the artificial crowns are installed. It takes a dental surgery to place the implants inside the jaw. It is then allowed to fuse with the jawbone before the crown is placed atop of it.

Since the jaw is the main part that is involved with the dental implants, it is used as the determinant of whether or not you will qualify for an implant or not.

Patients with worn our jawbones are not fit for the procedure, and bone grafting is always done beforehand. On the other hand, if you have enough jawbone, then the fusion will be efficient to provide enough anchorage to the implant.

Main kinds of implants

There are majorly two types of dental implants that are considered safe for installation. The first one is the Endosteal implant. In this case, the patient undergoes two separate surgeries.

The first is the main one where the post is placed in the jaw and allowed some time to fuse with the jawbones. Later, a second appointment with the dentist will be for attaching an extension to the already installed post. It is on this extension that the crown will be attached.

This can be done when replacing one tooth or a number of them using a bridge.

The second kind of tooth implants is called Subperiosteal. Unlike the first example, this procedure requires only one surgical operation. After confirming that there are enough gum tissue and jawbone to support the implant, the dentist will go ahead and conduct a surgery.

The implant will be placed inside the jaws and allowed time to fuse with the jawbone. The post installed in the jaw in the second kind of dental implants is longer than the one used in the Endosteal implants.


The first thing that makes many people comfortable with undergoing a dental surgery to get tooth implants is because of the high success rates of the procedures.

It is a smooth one and is done under a strong anesthesia – you won’t feel any pain. The implants provide anchorage to the artificial crowns placed on them making it easy for the patients to chew food and smile comfortably without worrying about their strength. Furthermore, they add to the strength of the jawbones making sure that they remain reserved.

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