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If you have a missing tooth and can’t live with a gap, then a dental implant is the perfect dental solution for you. Dental implants are artificial teeth that are surgically fixed into the gum where the missing tooth was. To learn all you need to know about these dental appliances, just read the whole of this dental implants blog. Dental implants, once fixed, are permanent and will not come out expect if they are tampered with. With these implants, you can be assured to smile again and no one will ever notice you had a missing tooth. Being permanent, it means that your teeth don’t have to be removed when you go to sleep, eat or brush like in the case of dentures. Dental Implant Centre have well-trained personnel who surgically fix and repair dental implants. Dental implant surgery has a high success rate and is what most of the people are opting for in the market.

Advantages of dental implants

This dental implants blog will explain clearly all you need to know about dental implants. One of the benefits of having dental implants is not getting cavities. Dental implants are designed to be stronger than ordinary teeth that are more brittle. Dental implants also give you an aesthetic appearance as they help return the dental structure which in turn reflects on the facial appearance. With dental implants, you can get your confidence back. If dental implants are properly taken care of, they can last a very long time, up to 20 years. As compared to other replacement techniques, dental implants are very convenient. Since they are permanent, they do not disrupt eating or talking by sliding out.
Although fixing dental implants require specialized surgical expertise, a few people have claimed the process to be uncomfortable. Since local anesthesia is used, the patient may only feel the discomfort after the drug has subsided. All surgical operations have a margin of error, and for dental implants, the risks are not very dire. One of the risks is contracting an infection at the site of operation. The oral surgeon has to ensure the dental tools are well sterilized to avoid such mistakes. Nerve damage is also possible which may lead to intense pain or simply numbness at the site of operation. Injury to the surrounding tissues might also be a cause of risk.

What to do to protect your dental implants

Even though dental implants seem to be damage-proof they still need to be taken care of. Good oral hygiene is a must to avoid weakening of the supporting gum by disease. Also, patients should ensure that they visit the dentist regularly for check-ups. The dentist will assess whether the dental implants are functioning as supposed and if they are still firmly fixed on the jaw bone. Toxic materials like tobacco smoke can still damage these dental implants through staining. This will reduce the durability of the dental implants. You should also avoid habits like grinding teeth or be biting hard objects like hard candy to prevent chipping the crown of the dental implant.

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