Common procedures performed in dental surgery

Two male dentist in uniform perform dental implantation operation on a patient at dentistry office

Dental surgery incorporates various dental procedures for both treatment and reconstructive, aesthetic purposes. Every oral surgeon has to be aptly trained and qualified to perform any dental surgery, Los Angeles. In most cases, surgical, dental procedures are done by solely oral surgeons or in some cases periodontists and orthodontists. Dental surgery is not limited to oral treatment and repair but can also be applied on the face, neck or surrounding tissues of the mouth. For the best dental surgery services in the city, you can consult implant center, Los Angeles. Today, dental surgery uses various modern methods of dental treatment to make treatment faster and much more comfortable. Below are some of the most regular dental surgery procedures available.

Root canal surgery

Root canal or pulp canal is a surgical procedure that is aimed at removing bacteria, plaque and foreign material from the root of the tooth. In the event of extensive tooth decay, a root canal is typically recommended to help in stopping the spread of the decay and also making the tooth functional again. The oral surgeon usually drills a small hole near the base of the tooth. Using dental appliances, he removes the deposited materials inside the pulp chamber of the tooth and cleans out the remaining debris with a particular dental solution. After allowing for healing, the oral surgeon then cleans the whole tooth and stitches up the hole at the base of the tooth. You can get a wide array of dental surgeries from implant center Los Angeles.

Fitting tooth implants

Tooth implant surgery is usually an extensive form of dental treatment that can take up to 2 months to fully complete. With this in mind, it is always recommended for surgical professionals like oral surgeons. Also, tooth implant surgery is one of the most common procedures in dental surgery, Los Angeles. During treatment, the oral surgeon starts by first introducing local anesthesia to reduce pain felt during surgery. The surgeon then drills a small hole on the space left by the missing tooth where the root of the implant will be placed. In some cases where the jaw bone is weak, the oral surgeon may need to perform a bone graft for the jawbone to adequately hold the implant in place. After fitting the dental implant, the patient waits for at least 6 weeks for the bone to fully heal around the titanium root.

Treating TMJ

A temporomandibular joint disorder is a common dental condition that involves pain during chewing and biting. The joint is located at the end of the jaw just below the ear. This condition usually makes it unbearable to eat or talk without experiencing lots of pain. Dental surgery Los Angeles is applied for treatment of the temporomandibular joint disorder. The oral surgeon usually focuses on the jaw structure and how it is affecting the joint. Before the procedure, the oral surgeon or orthodontist takes an X-ray to determine the jaw alignment. He then continues by inducing anesthesia then cutting off small bits of the jaw for it to be less strenuous on the joint. This treatment takes only a few days to heal fully.